Day 28: A Song that Makes You Feel Guilty

Usually, when I am preparing to pick a song for this challenge, I put my iPod on shuffle and I wait for something perfect (which might explain why it sometimes takes me weeks to come up with a song that fits…oops) and then I write about it. For the last week, however, I have been trying to think of songs with my BRAIN and without the assistance of my trusty iPod because, you see, some fucktard decided to steal it from Tony’s house a little over a week ago and now I am without my very best friend. (RIP Shabuta Jenkins 2.0. Yes. My iPod’s name was Shabuta Jenkins 2.0. What?) No offense to my human best friends, of course, but I don’t see you guys following me around and singing to me all day. Assholes. Anyway, I digress…

So, fortunately for me, thinking of a song that makes me feel guilty was super easy (read: ridiculously effing hard) and I didn’t need my iPod (read: sort of wanted to pull my hair out and/or bang my head against something hard and possibly pointy). But I found it, guys. I found it.

I picked “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. I think we have all been, to some degree, on both ends of this situation, ya’ll. I have definitely been Bonnie Raitt in this scenario, being all smitten and retarded over some dude who obviously didn’t love me, but liked me enough to make out with me (while, in turn, keeping me hooked and more smitten), but that isn’t the part that makes me feel guilty (foolish, yes, but I was a teenager, and that means it was my job and my right to be an idiot). I have also played the part of whomever Bonnie happens to be singing to. And that, I am not proud of. Sometimes, it is easier for people to just have someone to…have…than it is to deal with being alone. Even if that person, isn’t the one for you. Or, like, listens to Godsmack or something. It is always nice to be wanted. But it kind of sucks when you know you’re kind of…well…being a douche.

So there it is. My feeling guilty song (which only took me a billion years to think of).   

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