Connectivity and the New Place

I don’t get very good cell reception in my new apartment, which is distressing because I really don’t want to get a phone-phone. I had one for years and rarely even answered it. It just seems silly. But then, so does missing phone calls all day.

I think I finally figured out how to get home from work without running into insane traffic. Pookie, being my new neighbor and working just minutes from the hospital, was kind enough to show me a very curvy and very back-roady way home so that I can avoid the death trap that is the interstate.

I have already received invites to go out and party in my new ‘hood, which is a pretty good feeling. I met a few people here and there and then, of course, visited with ones that I have known for years. You know, the ones that I never saw because of the requirement of “crossing the ditch” as we beach-dwellers like to call it.

Ernge is back his old cranky self that he was before he was permitted to brave the great outdoors. I hated the idea of keeping him as an inside cat now that he has tasted freedom, but it has to be done. Mainly because the entrance to my building is not one that he could yell (yes, he yells) at for me to let him in. Aside from that, pets aren’t even allowed here. So there ya go. I am breaking the law. I am a big law-breakin’, cat havin’, unpackin’, chick, and I ain’t skerrd.

I am disconnecting from the world now. Thank you, and goodnight.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: “Breakin’ Down” – Ben Harper

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