Rain Gear?

Okay, so…while packing, I realized that seriously, what the hell do people wear in cold weather? My mom just went to Minnesota. She has a down coat. She let me borrow it. But seriously, do you northern people wear these types of things outdoors? Like, where people can see you? Don’t you look like Sta-Puff? Because I don’t think I can wear that shit. I am puffy enough on my own and really, I don’t need to make it worse with a pillow/coat. I am packing it, but there is no way that I am wearing that shit unless I need to. No way. I will freeze and look superb rather than wear that thing.

On the upside, today I learned about parkas. Apparently, they are some sort of rain gear. And obviously, being a Florida girl (as previously stated) I have no such things. It is starting to look like the things that I am packing will be about as useful as nipples on a man.

ZH assures me that it will be fine and that we will go shopping as soon as I get there, if need be. Good thing I have like…I dunno…thirteen bucks? Is that enough to buy (how do you say…) a parka? Who the hell knows. Anyway, I am well on my way out of town and I am way past the point of panic. But, hey…What’s a vacation if you aren’t completely stressed and tempted to eat your toenails?

At any rate, peace out, for real. I am gone and will not be reachable for 7-9 days. Have a lovely time. The Crizzle has left the building.

"Don't even think about reachin' me...I won't be home...Don't even think about stoppin' by...don't think of me at all..." "Footsteps" - Pearl Jam

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