On Work and Disliking Women

Well, it is official, my position has been filled. It is a relief aside from the fact that I might have to help train. I don’t think that I should have to do any training.

Just to give you a background, when I came to this department, I had taken several courses to increase my skill and consistency. This was not required, but given as an option and guaranteed you a job, so I took it. Little did I know that I would never be formally trained. I would be thrown into a hellish, horrible department with absolutely no idea how to do the job and be expected to pick it up in 20 minutes. The bitches that I work with are only helpful when it benefits them and they really do more harm than good.

They are nice women (as are any women) when your back isn’t turned (precisely the reason I can’t stand women). It is actually very sad, but I recently started to retaliate. I had been getting into little shouting matches with my supervisor because she would get reports from “someone” (Mrs. J) that I had (and seriously, these things sound really trivial…it is because they FUCKING ARE!) mistakenly given someone a letter addressed to someone else (which I am not even sure that I did, because god forbid, they bring this information to ME) or, lets see…shit, just insert random ridiculousness here…or whatever. Anyway, instead of being my typical, no nonsense, TOO GROWN UP TO TATTLE self, I started to take notes. I noted (and did not hesitate to run to Ms. Supervisor) every time Mrs. J was playing solitaire (which, by the way, happens on average about 7-8 times per day, yes, I know this) or Mrs. P had a personal phone call. Oh yes. I did. Because I’ve learned in my seven years in the adult world, that there is no adult world. As long as there are other people that you have to work with, you will deal with ass kissing and tattling, and backstabbing. And you don’t have to have actually DONE anything to experience these things. In fact, I’ve learned that, the more you try and AVOID the drama, the more you get roped in. And what’s worse? You won’t even know it, until your supervisor thinks you’re an idiot.

So, that’s why I am so happy to be leaving. I am over being a punching bag for the old married women in my department. The ones who are so miserable in their lives that they come to work exclusively to create and witness someone else’s suffering. To you, you old bitter bitches, I say FUCK YOU! You’re pitiful and pathetic and I’m so sorry that you are threatened by the young. I would never claim to be the best at my job (considering the NO TRAINING that I was offered) but I would hope that, as a TEAM of ADULT PROFESSIONALS, you would try to help a sistah out, instead of trying to make a sistah fail…But its okay…because I have been on my best behavior, I have been mature, and I have been lovely, and karma, my friends, is a bitch. But I am NOT training the new girl. You can’t make me.

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