Me: Oh, Ad Rock, don't be mad, you know I love you. I will buy you hot dogs and thangs.

Ad Rock: Is that a gay reference? I swear to God, I'll take you down. Down to China town!

Me: Only a guy who highlights his hair would think that was a gay reference. Oh, and I would like to see you try, biatch!

Ad Rock: I really have no argument, I guess I like cock. Hmmmph.

Me: I'm glad that I could help you come to this realization. OOOH! I have a great guy for you, his name is Richard Simmons!

Ad Rock: Wouldn't that be like hooking up with a chick? See? I'm straight!

Me: I don't know how THAT comment makes you straight.

Some time later:

Ad Rock: I have decided to remain faithful to boobies.

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