Hair of the...Gay.

D called this afternoon to tell me a few stories about the happenings in her life...I always love it when she does this because I always get a good chuckle out of the whole thing. Today the conversation went like this:

D: So, Ad Rock went to get a haircut yesterday and he calls me on his way home and says, "Don't be mad at me." So, I asked him what he did, and I wasn't even thinking about the haircut, I thought it would be something worse so I said, "Why? What did you do?" And he tells me that he was at the salon and he had a lot of gray, so the people convinced him to get highlights.

Me: Oh NO!

D: So he gets home and his hair is like, bright orange. Like...ORANGE. And I am trying not to laugh and I am thinking to myself, "okay, if this had happened to me, he would be really nice to me, but he's a GUY."

Me: So you punched him in the stomach and called him gay?

D: HA! No, but I had some leftover brown hair dye from a couple of years ago when I was trying to get rid of my highlights, so I told him I could dye his hair dark brown. But you know, the dye was a couple of years old. So, I did it.

Me: Did it work?

D: (Hysterical laughter.) No, it turned bright red. Like, fire engine red! (More laughter.)

Me: That is fucking hilarious! The new Ronald McDonald.

D: So, I had to go to the store and get him black hair dye.

Of course, I couldn't let Ad Rock get by without making fun of him mercilessly. So, I sent him an email.

Me: Don't you think you should have married a MAN?

Ad Rock: I think I missed something. Hmmm...(I am still on the phone with D at this point, and Ad Rock beeps in on her line and tells her that he just got in a fight with me.)

D to Ad Rock: You did? I find that rather impossible, because she is on the other line right now.

They hung up and I get one more email from Ad Rock:

Ad Rock: Effin' D.

Me: So, I hear you wanna fight! HA!

He wouldn't fight me. Gay clowns love me.

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