Okay…so I learned…well…am currently learning, that sinus medicine + wine = bad.

No worries. I have to stay home tonight anyway. There is a bet riding on it. And since Pepe LePew has not called…or stopped by unannounced (which is his specialty), I don’t even have to make any sort of excuses. (Because the fact that I feel like complete shit doesn’t seem to be good enough for ANYONE.)

I guess I owe an explanation of the PLP reference. Remember that cartoon with the skunk…who thinks that female cat is a skunk too? But she isn’t. And she doesn’t like him. So he tried getting her drunk all the time so she would change her mind? Oh…wait…that isn’t what happened in the cartoon…At any rate…if you remember that, then you can form your own little mental picture of MY PLP.

He thinks that when I tell him that I am not interested…that it means, “I am totally interested!” and when I say, “There is only one person that I want”, he thinks that I am saying, “You are the only one that I want!”

Nice guy. No sense. So, when he stopped by last night at 6:30 and I was already in pajamas, he took what I said (which was, “I don’t want to go to dinner.”) to mean, “I really want to go to dinner with you, why don’t you stand here for ANOTHER 15 minutes and ask me repeatedly?”

I am pretty positive that all of this is my fault. On New Year’s Eve, despite a long conversation with him about how I am not interested and after the Captain/Jagermeister shot sessions, I may have been a little more friendly with him than I normally would have been. (Don’t be a perv…not THAT friendly.) And if I could remember any specifics at ALL about that evening, I might actually feel obligated to have the conversation again. Although. I don’t. And…I don’t. I think that sobriety speaks louder than…New Year’s Eve.

At least I hope that’s the case. On more than ONE count. So if you were there, I don’t know who that bitch was who was walking around, pretending to be me, and in my favorite tube top no less! If you see that chick again, seriously, kick her ASS.


soopadoopachaloopa said...

does plp read this blog?

wmjwatson said...

Uh, but Pepe gets the girl more than half the time and there are others where he has to run from the girl once she loses her scense of smell or he gets all perfumed up.
If you're gonna use the name, you need to do your research!

spaceface said...

No PLP here...