Wino Wednesday

A couple of months ago, Pookie and I changed the name of this day from plain old Wednesday to Wino* Wednesday. It was a lovely concept, but after the first one, neither of us really thought we could carry on such a tradition. What, with the being a wino on a “school night” not being the brightest idea and all.

Today, I decided that I would have my own Wino Wednesday. I figured that after the day I had, I deserved to get hammered and watch bad TV. So, here I am. I have glass number one of Pinot in one hand, a cigarette in the other and am fully prepared to let the evening begin. (And actually, at the current moment, neither of those items are physically in my hands, but you understand…)

I never really thought Ernge was a drinker but ever since I opened the bottle, he has been yelling. (And if you have ever met my beloved Ernge, you know that I do indeed mean yelling.) I guess he either wants some, or he is afraid that I will pull a Spliff and try to use him for a pillow. Eh…regardless…

Today was hell on several levels. Mrs. P was off and that means disaster. That means that this girl has to do all of her work. And no, that isn’t the way it is supposed to be, but that is the way my inbox ends up every time. It means, nonstop phone calls, physicians that start to panic because of absence of secretary, stacks of paperwork, and a foul mood for me. All the while, where is the coworker? You guessed it! Playing solitaire or throwing everything into my inbox! Good times, lemme tell ya.

At my last job, I probably would have really thrown a fit, but for some reason, even at my most worked up now, I am only silently cursing everyone. I don’t know quite when this happened, but today it has given me a chance to relive a time honored tradition. (Okay…not really time honored nor a tradition…but shit…I made it up, I make the rules!)

Happy Wino Wednesday, internet! Cheers!

* I don’t know if this is the correct spelling and honestly, I just don’t care.


wmjwatson said...

That's how I spell wino.
Unless you were talking about Wednesday, then yeah, you messed that one up.

Candace said...

"Wino Wednesday" - I LOVE it!
On the way home from therapy last Thursday afternoon, I stopped at the liquor store and bought some wine. When Tomcat got home from the office, he joined me and we proceeded to get shi'fahsed. It was great. Not a Wednesday,tho. :)

spaceface said...

It's okay...you could have called it Thirsty Thursday or something...