Alone on the Oregon Trail

I wish that something fairly exciting had happened this weekend that I had to talk about. But alas, it was pretty normal. Actually, it was completely opposite that. It was two days of totally uninterrupted ME time. And while saying it makes me feel like I should be put in a nursing home, I’ve found lately that I enjoy that time much more than I ever have in the past.

It comes in phases.

I spent about two and a half years barely spending any time alone at all (when I lived with Spliff) and was never happier. And then from that, moved on to spending long periods of time “holed up in my room” (as Casper called it) by myself. Truth is though, I don’t trust people who can’t spend time alone. That hints to me that they might not like themselves much…therefore, I should beware.

So, after an interesting Friday night with friends new and old, I turned the phone off and ignored any indication that people might be trying to reach me.

I did brush up on my Oregon Trail skills, though. Remember that game? Man…that shit was a blast from the past. I was reading someone else’s blog and came across a link to a screen shot of the old version of the game. I remembered it, but not completely. I just remember being hopelessly hooked the first time I played it. And now…about 15 years later, I’ve downloaded the new version (free trial) and it happened all over again. And as lame a game as it is, I could not tear my happy ass away from my computer. I could not let Gertrude die of dystentery. How could this happen? How could she get sick when I have been taking every precaution? Why does Mackenzie keep “accidentally” shooting himself? I asked myself these very things. And it became not a game, not entertainment, but an obsession. I had to keep them all alive and get them to Oregon City!

Fortunately for me, the free trial is over and my life can go back to normal. And about Gertrude and Mackenzie? I seriously think that one of those other bitches in the wagon train was poisoning Gerty’s dried fruit. And Mackenzie shouldn’t be able to own a rifle if he can’t figure out which end of it to point at the animals. Bastards.

I hate you, Oregon Trail.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "100%"- Sonic Youth


wmjwatson said...

We finally meet for the first time and I get a sentence FRAGMENT mention? Wounds like that don't heal, woman!

the idiot said...

You have died of dysentery.

spaceface said...


Angel said...

Poor Gertrude. LOL

wmjwatson said...

I'm sad.. I never played this game. All the ones they made us boys play had frickin ice wizards and stupid elves who couldn't find a frickin doorknob. "I don't understand your command" MY ASS!! JUST LEAVE THE FUCKING ROOM ALREADY!!!