Rock Star

Okay, okay…I am not gonna lie, I have been a little mopey. Rightly so, I think. I mean, I just went to spend a week with my favorite boy and now I have to (not so patiently) wait four months to see him again. And really people, it sucks ass. I’m just saying…

Last night though, I was a sport. I sucked it up and let Pookie talk me into too many drinks and a late night trip to Denny’s where everyone ordered the same thing. (I am such a trend setter.) As much as I really did just want to sit home and turn the phone off, I am glad that I joined the land of the living. Well, I was glad that I had until I woke up this morning. Then I just wanted to beat the hell out of Pookie.

There were highlights though. (And don’t think you are getting away without hearing about them.)

1. I wore my uber-rad new Goonies shirt.
2. I went to four bars and spent (in total) six dollars. (Pimptastic, I know.)
3. I ran into Magic Mike.
4. I did not lose my debit card.
5. I did cartwheels in a parking lot (and watched Pookie’s failed attempts at them.)
6. I convinced one of C’s friends to skip down the street with me, to which he responded “You are the cutest girl I’ve ever seen!” (I doubt this…but it kinda made me blush.)
7. I called someone Will Ferrell for hours, even after he repeatedly tried to tell me his real name. (I care only about the stuff I care about. Thanks, JGJ, you summed me up well.)
8. I drunk dialed Epperneperhart three times and he had another call. (Really? My drunk calls, especially when I have set a timer on my phone to remind me to make them, are super freaking important. Tighten up!)
9. I slept with makeup on and woke up looking like a raccoon.

So, there you have it folks. I am a cartwheelin’, drunk dialin’, pimpastic ROCK star. And with that, I will leave you. Its moping time. Peace out.

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