Wormholes and such

A few things…

It seems that my mom is neither freaking out NOR calling me names like idiot or moron. Yes, she finally got the hint that I am not kidding. Awesome.

Ricky has lost his mind and wanted me to write about a wormhole which has allowed my own time travel. I’m not gonna do it. Because obviously, had I discovered said wormhole, I would not be here and it would not be only February. I just happened to get a little confused about the time (which, he says, is because confusion is a side effect of time travel.) He’s been watching too many X-Files reruns.

Siesh is my new Seattle friend and she rocks!

Epperneperhart just left me a voicemail that said, “Crittle, I just read your blog and if I had a heart, I would cry.” That’s lovely, Jay. You are truly a gem.

Today is seriously the most boring day ever. I think that if I had to come in here tomorrow, I would just go ahead and drink gasoline now. I can’t take it anymore. Stupid week after vacation. Luckily, I will be spending tonight at the Palace with the crew, drinking massive amounts of very cheap beer. Yeah…go ahead and hate me.

Why do supervisors wait until fucking four o’clock on a Friday to have a meeting where they switch around everyone’s job functions? Why? I mean, seriously. They couldn’t wait until Monday to screw us all over? No…They wanted to make sure that we have all weekend to think about it and stress out.

Only 39 more years until I can retire!

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Siesh said...

Right back at ya lady! ;o)

Thank you, and happy Saturday!