A Threat, An Appointment, and Some Office Boredom

Last night, I threatened a friend’s new boyfriend. “Be nice to her or I will hunt you down and staple things to your genitals.” I would do it, too.

I also spoke to Ricky and filled him in on the little tidbits about the people we know. They go like this: MP is joining the Coast Guard and will be gone by the end of the month. Pinhead joined the Army and has been gone for months and no one knows how he will make it because, despite the façade, he is really just a little whiney girly-man, Sandy is pregnant, Casper is engaged, Pookie moved in with C, Mags is moving to San Diego, and several other little pieces of information we will just keep on a need to know basis. He thinks, as I do, that everyone’s lost their minds.

I am leaving work early today so that I can see the doctor for acupuncture. I can’t wait. For the last few days, I have had this (sometimes) unbearable stiffness that nothing seems to help. And you know, because of my love of painkillers, I refuse to get my prescription for them filled. Not that they do much good unless I just want to sleep. But they do take the edge off. Acupuncture though, is the best shit ever. And when he is all done, I walk out completely loose and refreshed and…well…sleepy as hell. I can’t wait. Maybe this will mean that I will actually get some much needed rest tonight.

I am curious to know what the plan of action will be though. I haven’t seen him since the MRI results came back (By the way, they showed that I have a “couple of disc tears”, but I don’t know what exactly that means in terms of recovery.) and I am excited/nervous about what he will tell me. The email he sent me was very short and he made it seem as though I should worry about it too much. And since I trust him like I trust no other, I am fairly confident he will know exactly what to do. Wish me luck.

The office is a ghost town today. Which isn’t terribly bad for us. Its nice to have a break from time to time, its just that I have a feeling with one of my docs in another building and one out of the country, it will be like this for quite a while. And being completely unoccupied tends to make me a little…restless. So I will either a) be writing a shit ton of blog posts about how quiet the office is and how I would much rather be drinking a Drano cocktail than sitting here, b) I will be reading a lot more of other people’s blogs, or c) I will jump out of a top-floor window. It’s all up in the air, folks…stay tuned.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Don't Let Go" - Weezer

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