Today = Longest. Day. Ever.

There is a fly in my office and I have been trying to clap it between my hands or swat it with things for the last half hour. And I am pretty sure that I look like a lunatic. But I swear, there is a fly. I swear. Stop looking at me like that. Assholes.

Spliff may or may not be heading into town tomorrow. I can’t wait to see her, but she hasn’t let me know what the plan is yet. If there is one yet. And that bothers me. I want to make plans. And if she isn’t coming, I could make different ones. I just hate not having something…at least a very loose plan. Like…will I have company or…not. It drives me batty. (Tries to swat bug.)

Speaking of batty. What the fuck is up with today? Is it just me? Or is this day the. Longest. Day. Ever.

And I am irritated as hell. For no reason. Or maybe for lots of them.

1. I am broke.
2. I am bored.
3. I want a margarita.
4. They don’t let me smoke at my desk.
5. There is a bug that (evidently) only I can see flying in and out of my line of sight and I want it dead. (I soooo could never be Buddhist.)

I just got really frustrated and abruptly stopped talking to two people at the same time. Click. Done. I didn’t mean to be bitchy. I just had to stop talking. Right then. Because yes, I am that ready for this day to be over. I am ready enough that I will snap at people who did nothing wrong.

Please send help. My job is making me a horrible bitch. (Okay…a MORE horrible bitch.)

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themachineghost said...

I think that if you swat the fly, you win a DVD player.

so good luck.