Reasons to Hate

Last night, Spliff and I took the trek downtown to see Ben Harper at the Florida Theater. I wasn't expecting a show as good as the last time we saw him, (you know, with several of the Marley brothers), but I was expecting the same sort of high-energy show that I have grown accustomed to. I am used to being pissed because some drunk whore keeps stepping on my toes or jumping around like a maniac and slamming into me...I am not, however, used to spending the whole concert SITTING because some jackhole several rows back doesn't FEEL like standing. My bad, I thought this was a concert, fucktard, and if you wanted to sit the whole time, then you should have bought a fucking DVD. It wasn't just him though...it was the ENTIRE audience, save for a couple of people who clearly did not give a shit about the people behind them and did not get asked to sit down by any fucktards. I don't mind sitting through the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, but you don't sit at a Ben Harper show. You just don't fucking sit! You stand up, you get excited, and you jump around like a fucking maniac and certainly don't ask people to sit down because you are too much of a lazy ass to stand up!

I was super disappointed with the audience. I was disappointed at the usual things, like the amount of girls who thought their SHIRTS were long enough to be dresses and the guys with their collars popped, but more than that, I was disappointed that no one seemed to actually be a FAN of the music. The girl in front of me actually sat through the entire concert and spent the entire time yawning and looking around to see what everyone else was doing. We were tempted to help her out and tell her where the fucking stage was located. Yet another reason that I hate people.

Oh, but there are more reasons. This morning, I woke up and turned on the television, knowing full well that I would regret it. Of course, I turned the channel to VH1 and was sucked in to watching a Britney Spears video. Okay, now I have never been a fan and am certainly not surprised to find that she has no talent and is a hot mess, but once again, I am amazed by the level of superb BADNESS. Seriously, it took me a minute to decipher whether I was watching a bad drag act or an actual video. I can't imagine how much money that bitch made for standing next to a stripper pole and lifting her heels one at a time to shake her ass. Not to mention the song. I think that there might have been three words to the whole thing. I wasn't aware that three words repeated over and over with different inflection constitutes a song. This is all news to me.

Also, who the fuck is Tila Tequila? Seriously. What does she do? Where did she come from and why do all of these people want a "shot at love"? Were they so hard up for a bisexual that they had to create the skank for ratings? Have the people at VH1 lost their minds? Have they seen the crap they run? I admit, I was totally addicted to Rock of Love...sometime about the overt skankiness of the whole cast made me feel very well adjusted...not to mention completely prudish but absolutely gorgeous. It was like crack. But I knew who Bret Michaels was...I have no fucking idea where this Tequila person came from!

What is the world coming to, people?!

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