A Few Pieces of Awesome

Okay, so, I really should be working. Duh. But it is Friday, I am bored and my office is the temperature of the tundra. So, in order to keep my mind off of the fact that I am inches from unconsciousness and my toes are turning blue, I have been blog surfing. Or blog reading with a side of stumbling. Either way, here are a few pieces of awesomeness that I found today.

Drumroll please....

1. This made me giggle a lot and also made me think of that 80's movie "The Peanut Butter Solution". I likey. (Oh my GOD, ya'll! Do you remember this movie?)

2. Same guy. I think I want to marry him. I can't stop giggling. (Also, this will totally be my response the next time I am posed with this question.)

3. Thing Two walked in to the room while I was reading this the other day (read: laughing until tears were streaming down my face) and it is chock full of awesome.

4. I just read this just now. And I, again, am in tears. I want this guy to handle all of my affairs for me. (Especially any and all correspondence with AT&T. They only employ individuals with IQs less than 7.) I believe there is also one in which he attempted to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider with seven legs. But I will have to get back to you on that one, internet. After all, I should be working.

I really should get back to that working thing now, actually. Enjoy!

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