A Celebration of the Bloggie Thing

Well, internet...Today, I celebrate my 1000th post here on my blog. It is insane to think that I have been doing this for so long and that I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane.

I started this blog in 2004 because Brandy insisted that I do so. I don't remember why now, and I know that when I first started, I had no idea what I should be writing about. I was all, "What is this 'blog' thing you speak of?" and Brandy was all, "You write shit there and junk." And I was all, "Well...okay." So that's the exciting story of how my blog began. I know, you are riveted.

It took a while to get into it, but once I did, writing here became pretty much daily and my blog was not only a BLOG, but a friend. A confidant. It saw me through times of tribulation (read: snake killing 1 and 2), pain (read: being hit by a dead guy), insanity (read: thieving, calcium deficient gypsies) and all sorts of other madness. There were a lot of really awesome times too...lots of debauchery and hilariousness. Lots of great friends. Lots of just plain old idiocy.

I don't want to get all sappy and such, internet, but damn, it has been a fun 1000 posts. Congrats to the Bloggie Thing!



Brandy said...

Glad you have kept up the blogging :)

spaceface01 said...

Thanks, shuga! SOMEONE had to keep blogging!

(See what I did there? Get it? Since YOU quit blogging, I had to keep it going?)