Day 21: A Song You Listen to When You're Happy

I have gained a lot of experience in finding and maintaining the happy place over the past few years. For one thing, my job is sort of depressing. And secondly, I work with Spliffany. Happy songs help prevent me from committing homicide. I had a hard time picking a specific song for this because, typically, as long as there IS music, I am happy. But as I was sitting at my depressing little desk in my depressing little office this morning, listening to the iPod and trying to drown out Spliffany’s annoyingly loud voice from her morning ritual where she talks for a straight hour to everyone in the office, one at a time, about things that no one cares about, (You can see why a happy place is important, no?) a song that makes me do a little desk-dancing came on. Instantly, I felt a little less punchy! Voila!

I chose, “Everybody’s Got Their Something” by Nikka Costa. Ironically, Spliffany introduced me to Nikka Costa in the first place. But that’s not Nikka’s fault. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have serious desk-dancing to do.

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