Day 26: A Song You Wish You Could Play

Okay, internet, yes. I realize that I haven’t posted anything in a really long time. And I probably should have tried to be realistic about doing this in thirty days. But I am still on it. I swear. Thing Two and I have had a lot of company and a lot of debauchery at our house. And, well, honestly, I am exhausted.

Okay, so here goes. First of all, I think I have already told you that the only instrument I can play is the kazoo (and possibly the triangle, I suppose, depending on the difficulty of the song). That being said, it is safe to say that EVERY song is a song that I wish I could play. So, I really had a lot to choose from here. I thought about a bunch of songs that I would love to be able to play. And I kept ending up at the same place, Mates of State.

I am sure there are way more obvious songs out there. And I am sure there are way more complicated ones, or beautiful ones, or touching ones. But I really, really, really love Mates of State and the dynamic that they have together. Also, I am sort of jealous of anyone who can play the piano (keyboard…whatever.) So, I chose, “My Only Offer”.


Jene said...

I can't play anything. My brother is a musical genius - he can pick up any instrument and teach himself to play it (and play it well!) in a matter of hours. The best I can do is the opening chords of Come As You Are and a few songs I memorized on the piano 15 years ago.

spaceface01 said...

Oooh, people like that irritate me! It just isn't FAIR! I want to be a musical genius! I DESERVE to be a musical genius!