Pros and Cons of a Las Vegas Wedding

Ladies and gentleman, here it is, my first ever GUEST POST!


If you are thinking about turning that whimsical summer fling into a life-long contractual obligation by hopping on the first flight to Las Vegas there are some pros and cons you should consider first. Thankfully, for your sake, I went to the trouble of making such a list, and I will share that list with you now.
Pro: Elvis Will Marry You
Having the King marry you is quite an honor. No matter which King it is, you’re basically having a royal wedding. And we all know about the boner Americans get over royal weddings. You will probably make it on the news. Also, I’m pretty sure this King won’t insight Prima Nocta, like that bastard Longshanks did to Braveheart. I’m pretty sure.
Con: Love is Fleeting
It is. Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable. Diamonds are forever. Every kiss begins with Kay. All the clich├ęs are true. There is a 90% chance that your relationship ends horribly. Leaving you forever scarred emotionally and a piece of you gone forever. Or maybe it will work out, who knows for sure.
Pro: Cheap Buffet
Serving all your guests dinner can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. Not so in Vegas, home of the $8 Buffet. Is there anything more beautiful than a woman in her wedding dress asking for extra mashed potatoes? I would venture to say there is not.
Con: You Will Probably Be Cheated On
Statistically speaking, it is likely that anyone entering a serious long-term relationship will cheat or be cheated on. For someone who gets married in Las Vegas that number doubles or triples. Where am I getting these numbers? From a reliable source, that’s where. I have groups of researchers running around the clock to bring you up-to-date statistics like “double or triple”. That’s why you are reading this in a medical journal.
Pro: Nic Cage
It will be just like that Nic Cage movie, “Honeymoon in Vegas”. What could possibly go wrong when you base real life decisions on something you saw in a Nic Cage movie? Full Disclosure: I’ve never seen that movie, but I did see “Leaving Las Vegas” with Nic Cage and I imagine your life-story will be closer to his character in that film.
Con: In The End, You Are Married
That just doesn’t sound like a good time. Remember when you were just having casual sex with this person? Was that not good enough? You might want to think about this for a second and just go back to the casual sex deal. You two were so great at it.
Pro: You Can Always Get Divorced
It’s true. And most married people do it, so it must not be a big deal. And there are literally thousands of lawyers in Las Vegas, so if your relationship falls apart before the weekend is over there are many fine Las Vegas divorce attorneys awaiting your call.
Con: There Are A Lot of Attractive Single People In Las Vegas
And now, you are not one of them.
Good luck!
Kevin O'Connor is a content manager for Olicity Online. If you do decide to get married and then also decide to get divorced, please visit the Las Vegas divorce attorney's office of Naimi & Dilbeck.

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