A Favorite

From time to time, being that I have had this blog for an eternity, I get all ambitious and decide to read through again. Sometimes I pick random posts and sometimes I search for specific things I have written about. I have my favorite posts and I have my least favorite ones. I read over, every so often, the heartbreak I've experienced and the debauchery that I have participated in. And sometimes I get a little teary…but most times I am wondering how I survived for the last several years without being killed in some bizarre accident. (I have stolen giant stuffed animals and carried them down busy streets, ya'll! After 17 shots of something terrible that probably tasted like liquorice!) I have really been wanting to find the time and go through and pick out some of my favorite posts from the past, oh 80 years or so, that I have been keeping this blog, but I have yet to actually do it. Today, however, I started thinking about this ONE post that I wrote that I like okay, but what really, really, really makes it memorable and ultimately one of my favorite posts are the comments. One, in particular of course, by a guy I never met and who calls himself Muckypuffin. Anyway, I thought I would share it with you, because every time I read it, it makes me super happy. And it makes me want to…well, send Muckypuffin whatever would be the equivalent of fried spaghetti in his world across the Atlantic. ENJOY!

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