The Buzz

I got a sort of desperate call from D on Friday night.

D: Can I tell you something?
Me: Uh oh, what's up?
D: I bought Ad Rock a present and I am kind of regretting it.
Me: What the heck did you buy?
Me: Guitar Hero. He won't stop. It is like a concert in there and now I can't play Super Mario World ever again.

It was very sad and had I not been prepping to watch "Intervention" (which I may need an intervention from because I am starting to become a little dependent), I would have had to rush right over and…well…intervene. (Do you sense a pattern here?) Needless to say, I stayed home, drank wine and watched the coke addicted dude get high and kicked out of rehab 13 times. What can I say? It makes me feel like a super well-adjusted individual. Is that so bad?

It is, however, a good thing that they only show two episodes in a row or I might never have left the house this weekend and I would have missed out on "Springing in the Blues" which was, while not the same as in years past when Ricky Retardo and Jess lived just a few blocks away, a pretty good time. I did miss the routine of the festival days with Ricky, but I think I might be getting too old for that level of debauchery. You know…but not as old as Ricky. (Yeah, Ricky, you are effing OLD!) This year, we only stayed for a few hours and slipped in and out of a nearby bar to avoid portapotties (read: to do shots and see the cute bartender). We even ran into Rad Neighbor. It is so weird to have a neighbor who leaves the house and actually speaks to people. It is also weird that he hears that we are at home, grabs beers and walks up to hang out…Now I feel like I am home. Finally.

In other news, I might be taking another huge career step (or plunge off of the career bridge, if you will). After the utterly ascinine situation in the new job (despite how much I like the work), I am starting to feel that I just need to start over. I need to stop worrying about being with the same company for 8 million years and selling my soul to a company that doesn't appreciate me. I don't necessarily blame the company, I blame the people in charge. And who knows, maybe it will be a blessing for me to get out of here and see what the rest of the world has to offer. I have to say, though, I will really miss the jeans and flip flops. But hey, if I do decide to leave, I guess I can wear pajamas all day, after all. I am wondering if I can afford to get the heck out of here, get student loans and manage a part time job until I graduate. But this is all too deep for a Monday morning. If you'll excuse me, I am going to take my lunch break and chop my hair off now. (After a breakup, you always chop your hair off…it's, like, a rule.)

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