Tomorrow, for the first time since 1996, I am going to the Warped Tour. I feel too old to attend.

The first time I went, I was 16. I was accosted by the "girlfriends" of Limpbizkit (yes, I knew them before they got all...retarded...) and given a free ticket and an assload of pot. I spent the day smoking out of Fred's new "gravity bong" in the band room and listening to Magic Mike bitching at me about not bringing an extra joint, passing out from heat exhaustion, and having cold Zephyrhills poured on my face by both JB and John Otto. Yeah...but I got to see Pennywise. And 311. And Blink 182 before they sold out. I know...You're jealous.

LBG is not a common concert goer. In fact, she rarely goes to any shows. And the good ones that she has been to (TRICKY) were with me. Because I rock. Anyway, I feel like this: I don't have anything else to do...she is depressed, I am a mess. We will have a great time. We will be old enough to drink beer...(We will be the oldest bastards there.) But Pennywise will be there again. And...well...I may be old...but I sure do like Pennywise...

What in hell do 16 year olds like these days anyway? Jared Leto's lame-ass band?

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Mia said...

Talk about feeling old, I remember watching Jared Leto on My So Called Life. I still can't believe he's in a band.

I've never been to Warped, but I went to something similar in Oregon, The Big Stink. 7 Year Bitch, No Doubt before they sold it, and Fun Loving Criminals. No Pennywise though.