National Holidays

Happy Sex and the City Day, Internet!

Are you guys as excited as I am? Spliff bought the tickets and we are going somewhere for cosmos right before the movie (even though there is no way in holy hell I am drinking a cosmo, I am a dirty martini kind of girl) so that we can feel all…you know…festive.

This should be an actual fucking holiday. National Sex and the City Day. I wonder if we could, like, get a petition going or something. Who should I talk to about the plausibility of this? Hmmm…

This day is taking forever to end too. I have stacks of paperwork and dictations to do still and I haven’t stopped all day. The whole point of going to an early movie was so that I wouldn’t kill myself because the waiting was driving me batty. And here it is, only 3:30 and I feel like I have been working for a week and a half and the movie is still three and a half hours from now. Oh. My. God.

I really am sitting next to a ginormous stack of paperwork and a dictophone and pretending that they are not there. Probably not a great idea because, let’s face it, they aren’t going away (unless one of you wants to come here and…make them disappear…). I sort of want to cry. I am, however, SO EFFING GLAD that I have an office. Have I mentioned that? That I have an OFFICE? Yeah. Making blogging possible since 2008.

Alright, I have to attack the stack. (You like that, dontcha? I just made that up.) If you aren’t going to the movies tonight, you cannot be my friend. Peace out.

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