A Little More

I know, I know...that last post was a little depressing...But that's where I have been, internet...
Things are getting a little better. The stress of my father being in town is gone because, well, he went back to his side of the world and I no longer have to pretend I am not mad at him. (When he is here, I have to be all nice because I only see him once every two years or so, and even if I want to in some ways, ruining his trip would just be wrong...even if he deserves it a little.) I am not going to say all of that bitter has gone away with my father, I am just going to say that it is not eating me up as it has been for the past couple of weeks. There have been much bigger fish to fry.

The grandpa situation has been taking up a good deal of the space in my brain. The portion that is not filled with white wine and pictures of Vincent D'onofrio, naturally, deals with issues of a family nature. My grandpa goes to Michigan every year for the Summer because he finds that Florida is ridiculously hot and Michigan is...well...not. So this year, he developed pneumonia while he was there and then hurled himself down some stairs causing some broken ribs and a very unsteady gait. This is not a shock. He is 93 and everything...but he has always been so healthy and so...youthful, really. He has never looked his age, he has never acted his age and he certainly didn't FALL DOWN STAIRS. But now, here he is, doing all of those things he never did before...and now? It is nursing home time.

I am going to be honest with you, internet, I could not BE more opposed to this. I worked in a nursing home and I loved it. And I loved the residents there...but they were not my FAMILY. And I knew that, even though they weren't, they were in good hands...MINE. My evil, anal retentive aunt has decided that he should be in North Carolina (a good seven hour drive from here) so that he can be five minutes away from her. Which is interesting considering the fact that she has always chosen to live very far from him...and now when he can't take care of himself, she gets to just uproot him and make all of his decisions for him. I digress...I am not bitter...(I am also a liar).

Anyway, the situation is, he flew back to Florida on Sunday and Evil Aunt is flying him out of here on Friday. So, I have just a few days to get in as much time as I possibly can with him before he leaves and I have no idea when I will be able to get up to North Cackalacky to see him. That's about where things are on that front right now.

Aside from the high level of stress I have been under and the two-week long headache that I have had, things are going reasonably well. I fluxuate from wanting to rip heads off, to wanting to curl up in the fetal position and cry my face off, to hysterical laughter...but...I am working on getting all that straightened out. (Bear with me and if I tell you I need you to go away, do it. I cannot be held accountable for what I may do to you or what body parts you may lose.) I am getting there.

Why, just yesterday, i got to play several hands of UNO with my uncle, grandpa and Spliff and we all had a great time. There is nothing I like more than hearing my grandpa laughing and cracking jokes. Nothing is all bad, I guess...

That's all for now, people, some of us have JOBS.

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