In Need of Bing

I suppose I could have done something remotely exciting this weekend worth blogging about…however…I didn’t.

Friday night, in attempts to sleep through the obligation free evening, I overdosed on NyQuil and slept until ten on Saturday.

It was rainy and cold when I woke up. I really did think about doing constructive things. Really. I did. But then I thought, “Well damn, shopping with mom doesn’t sound like fun. Come to think of it, neither does showering or even getting out of bed.” So I didn’t. Well, not until about two. I broke out my good old VCR and the complete series of “My So-Called Life” and drooled over Jordan Catalano. It was a great rainy day, if you ask me. Good coffee + Jared Leto + Rainy Day = Bliss.

I finally did call L back though and accepted her invitation to come for dinner (and lots of wine). It started with just L, K, Markie, and me but ended with an older couple that K works with, L’s brother and a whole lot more pot than I have seen since I was in high school. Since I stopped smoking, I am always affected in one of two ways by being with a bunch of people who are smoking. I am either irritated or amused. I expected that I would be irritated, but given the mix of my company, the night was hilarious.

I am not used to being the only sober person at a party, but let me tell you, it isn’t near as boring as I thought it was. We played Scene It…and since I was the only one who could comprehend the questions, I won. (I never win anything.) Even though Markie kept trying to move my game piece back several spaces, I still managed to kick ass.

The rest of the weekend was spent listening to the rain and watching some of my favorite chick movies.

Movies I watched this weekend:

How to Make an American Quilt
When Harry Met Sally
Say Anything
St. Elmo’s Fire

I realized though, I haven’t heard ONE Bing Crosby Christmas song this year. And that is sheer crap. Bing Crosby = Christmas. And that might explain my inability to get into the spirit this year. Get this Criz some Bing, stat! Or some Harry Connick Jr. cause, that man makes me melty…


themachineghost said...

First of all, Jordan Catalano is fictional jailbait.

And second: You watch the same movies over and over, like my four year old sister. It's very cute.

I hope you hear some Bing, if thats what you're into. I hate Christmas music. Bah humbug, and all that.

spaceface said...

He may well be fictional jailbait, but he is HOT fictional jailbait...

I can't help it...when I like something, I don't fuck around...
(I might as well be a four year old anyway...besides that, I have no money to buy new movies at this point, because this Christmas BS is sucking me dry...)

Still no Bing. Its tragic really.